Welcome to Jewels of the earth, we decided to set up this shop due to our passion with essential oils, and the amazing benefits that our family has experienced since using these amazing oils.  We wanted other people to experience the wonderful benefits that you can get from these oils also.  So we thought as well as selling doTERRA Essential Oils, we would also sell some products that would help with those experiences and to let people be able to use the oils for themselves and their families.  We only sell excellent quality beautiful handmade glass, ceramic and wood diffusers and accessories for the essential oils ie: glass rollerbottles, glass spray bottles and misters, etc. We also supply a beautiful range of six blends of bath salts that come from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  They are hand-blended with the highest quality Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan Salts with Australian Pink Clay and Pure Essential Oils.  doTERRA also have a great range of chemical free personal and hair care products and chemical free household products.  We are in the process of handcrafting some beautiful hexagon timber shelves, great for storing essential oils and little knickknacks.  We have FREE SHIPPING on all doTERRA products and on items up to 500grams.  If you live in or around the Southern Highlands area of New South Wales, Australia and would like to experience these essential oils through an AromaTouch Technique Massage, which I am Certified in, just contact us for an appointment at info@jewelsoftheearth.net.