Aroma Diffuser - Cool Elegance Teardrop
Aroma Diffuser - Cool Elegance Teardrop
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Aroma Diffuser - Cool Elegance Teardrop

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Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Teardrop - Cool Elegance - 

This elegant styled diffuser has exquisite detail that will lift and define luxury in any home. It is made of a smooth ceramic finish, white in colour with cut outs in the teardrop shape shade, it has an elegant soft white to yellow glow with LED lighting.  It has three settings, first push: continuous mist, second push: intermittent mist and third push: turns unit off.  When water levels becomes too low the Aroma Diffuser will automatically turn itself off. This is an ultra quiet diffuser creating a peaceful and soothing environment.  When using doTERRA pure essential oils you will experience well being and enjoyment from its incredible therapeutic and aromatic benefits. Diffusers cleanses and purifies the air – by diffusing pure essential oils in your environment you can lower the count of airborne germs and bacteria. This creates a cleaner and healthier environment especially for those with highly sensitive allergies.


Included in Purchase:

1 Power adaptor -SAA Aprroved

1 Measuring Cup

1 Instruction Booklet

Three Layer Corrugated White Box with styrofoam inserts

 Coverage: 16-20 square meters

Run Time (continuous): 4 hours longer when on intermittent and it will automatically turn off when water level is low.

Water Capacity: 120ml



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