About Us

Hi my name is Julianne, I am a wife and mother of 3 fantastic boys and I have a strong passion with all products that are 100%  natural.

After experiencing the remarkable recovery of my oldest boy, who was one years old at the time, from extreme eczema with the use of Chinese herbal medicine, I became very interested in natural remedies.  The western medicine alternatives were to wrap my son’s limbs in gladwrap after smothering them with cortisone cream which is know to be harmful to the liver and kidneys etc.

After discovering the world of doTERRA essential oils I was amazed at the wonderful benefits they provided my family and myself, after all they are 100% natural and of the earth as we are.

I decided to open this shop because so many people are unhappy with the drugs and chemicals which are being used these days, which nearly always have harmful side effects.  Even though the benefits of essential oils have been known for thousands of years, they have largely been pushed aside by pharmaceutical companies.